Nexus Pipeline

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This site provides information about the Nexus natural gas transit pipeline
to the residents of Swanton, Ohio and the surrounding region. The companies
behind it are being very secretive about the details so I am compiling what
I can find and posting it here.

WHAT is the NEXUS Pipeline?
Nexus is a proposed Natural Gas transportation system consisting of 250
miles of large diameter pipe and all the infrastructure required to support it that will be be capable of transporting up to two billion
cubic feet per day of natural gas to markets in Canada and export markets over
sea’s. The map shows the route at a high level but the companies involved are not being forth coming in any way about the route at a neighborhood level.
Read for yourself

Why I am concerned (and maybe you should be too)
Emenate Domain – Spectra Energy states on thier website that if you don’t negotiate in ‘good faith’ they will use Emenate Domain to have a court FORCE YOU to take
thier deal. That’s wrong even when it benefits the community but this pipeline is all about profit and all evidence points to ti being exclusivly for export, regardless of what Spectra Energy says. I’ll post more on that later but for now.. Read for yourself (see last 3 paragraphs especially)



Feds Cite Spectra for Multiple Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Violations

• Federal regulators are seeking more than $134,000 in fines from the natural gas company
• Federal pipeline safety regulators have cited Texas Eastern Transmission, a division of Spectra Energy, 14 times for natural gas pipeline safety violations since 2006.
• Specifically, PHMSA (Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration) cited Texas Eastern (a division of Spectra Energy) for:
o failing to control for internal pipeline corrosion;
o failing to inspect for internal pipeline corrosion;
o failing to clean and coat portions of pipelines that are exposed to external corrosion
o forces;
o failing to monitor for atmospheric pipeline corrosion;
o failing to maintain and operate transmission line valves that might be necessary in an
o emergency;
o failing to maintain pipeline Rights of Way in a manner that would not impede patrolling
o and visual pipeline inspections, and;
o failing to adequately mark the placement of buried natural gas transmission lines.

Natural Gas Compressor Station Coats Farmland in Used Gear Oil
• A contamination report recently obtained by Philadelphia Indymedia states that up to 1,629 pounds of used gear-lubricating oil were spilled onto residences and farm fields in Bedford County, Pennsylvania this past August.
• On August 23, Spectra Energy’s Steckman Ridge natural gas compressor station on Rock Hill Church road experienced an “emergency shutdown,” 1,629 pounds of lubricating oil and 6,460 pounds of methane (including 1,151 pounds of volatile organic compounds) were sprayed into the air and estimated to have landed up to one and a half miles from the plant, coating a very fertile agricultural, fishing and hunting region of Pennsylvania with potentially toxic industrial gear oil.
• “Wayne and I were sitting out on the back porch that Sunday and then we heard a big bang but didn’t see anything flying out of the sky,” said Angel Smith who lives half a mile from Spectra’s compressor station. “The next day, a neighbour called saying that his fields were covered with oil so I went down and videotaped that. I also found that my fields were covered with oil too.”
• Within a week after the equipment failure, Spectra Energy issued reports stating that residents of Monroe and Clearville Townships in Pennsylvania should wash the oil off of their crops before consumption. Local Web sites such as Spectra Energy Watch and Clearville Times expressed outrage that their crops were destroyed, water contaminated and livestock affected, with little concern from agents at the DEP. Birth defects have been noted in livestock such as domesticated geese. Currently unknown are the future diseases or cancers which may afflict residents as the chemicals’ mutations of the human cells eventually show their harmful results many years after exposure.

Spectra Energy: #1 Greenhouse Gas Polluter in British Columbia &
#7 on US EPA’s Top Civil Penalty Ranking for Toxic PCB Pollution
• Top Civil Penalty Ranking from EPA – Spectra Energy’s Texas Eastern pipeline division is ranked number seven on the EPA’s list of the “Top Civil Enforcement Cases Based on Penalty Assessed Through EOY FY 2009.” The National Enforcement Trends (NETs) document on the EPA website shows a $15 million penalty for discharging highly toxic PCBs — polychlorinated biphenyls — at 89 sites along the company’s 9,000-mile gas transmission pipeline running from Texas to New Jersey.
“Unlawful Conduct” – The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) issued two Notices of Violation in 2009 for Spectra Energy’s “unlawful conduct” during the first year of operation at its Steckman Ridge compressor station at the company’s 12 billion-cubic-feet underground natural gas storage reservoir in Bedford County, PA. Spectra Energy’s “unlawful conduct” violated air quality and clean stream regulations of the Pennsylvania Code, according to the Pennsylvania DEP.
Fiery Inferno – Spectra Energy’s underground gas storage reservoir outside of Houston (Moss Bluff) experienced catastrophic failure in 2004 with two explosions, 6 1/2 days of fire with flames as high as 1,000 feet and two evacuations. An estimated 6 bcf of natural gas was consumed during the fire lasting nearly one-week.